our beautiful bellingen

There has been a great deal of press lately about the charms of our beautiful Bellingen. Most recently, Cottonwood Farm was featured in an article focussing upon the joys of visiting Bellingen, as opposed to the regular haunts on the North Coast, like Byron Bay.

Australian Traveller Magazine had this to say…

‘Calling the heart of the mountains and waterways home is Cottonwood Cottage which…has found the perfect balance between beach and country…You can nestle in and lap up the luxury of your environs including private swimming hole on the Never Never, outdoor bath and shower (indoor ones as well), white French doors opening to a vista of rolling mountains (viewable from under the covers of your king sized bed), and the all-important love chair, perched atop the hill for sunset gazing’.

In the same magazine earlier this year, Bellingen was described as No #27 in Australia’s Top 100 Towns

‘By far the most well preserved of towns on the mid to far north coast of NSW, Bellingen is nestled against the Bellinger River, and is the idyllic village every tree-changer thinks they want….In this iconic town you can meet dairy farmers, masseuses and hippies in its multiple quirky cafes and stimulating bookshops. A highlight is to buy local produce at the magical Saturday markets and spend the afternoon listening (and dancing!) to great live music under the gum trees. You can get better coffee in Bellingen than in Sydney these days, and its stores are full of enough interesting knickknacks, particularly at the Old Butter Factory, for a great long weekend’.

See you soon!

The stunning Bellinger River on a winter's morning A springtime view of the Bellingen Valley The coast east of Bellingen






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